The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red tail talking on the nest - then a rainy rainy day June 17, 2009 (double click the photo to enlarge)

I'm telling you this nest is too small for the 3 of us - time to escape

Fly baby fly.

This morning it was an overcast day and terrible for taking photos. At my break I looked out the 5th floor window to see all 3 eyas huddled together facing each one another. I am sure they were plotting their escape from the nest lol. I went and grabbed my camera to take a photo since I know it will be one of the last times I see the 3 together. At lunch I also saw the 3 practicing their flying skills on the nest.
When it was time to leave and the rain was coming down steady the 3 of them looked really quite sad. They again were huddled together - as one eyas had his wings up (like the parent did when they were little)trying to cover up the other eyas. It is suppose to rain for the next few days so they will be miserable for a couple of days.