The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Youngest Eyas finally fledge - Scary moments July 2, 2009

Youngest eyas falling down the wall

2 eyas playing on the ground

The last eyas finally fledge today but not without some terrible moments. The afternoon started with the 3 playing on the ground having lots of fun chasing bugs, pinecones, and a squirrel. They flew from tree branch to tree branch and just hung around. I took some great shots of two of the eyas playing - I hope you enjoy them.

The youngest eyas decided to take a second flight - oh dear straight to the wall and missed. He was hanging onto the vines on the wall (see photo) for a few seconds then fell head first to the ground. He got up slowing and moved towards the wall and sat there for a while. Finally he layed down on the wall (not responsive, head twitching, and one eye shut the other open) and I called the Wildlife Centre for advice - and they were to send someone. He was like this for over an hour when he decided to stand up. All of a sudden the male red tail came in with food and all H-ll broke loose as all the eyas wanted to go to the nest included this one for food. He decided to fly towards the building and flew into the window (twice). He was running around crying for his food and then just flew off and landed in a tree. (Ok so we were shocked - fell on his head, hit his head twice on the window) and he could still fly to find his supper.
When the wildlife person arrive she assessed the situation and felt he was doing fine, the head twitching was gone, he was flying and he actually had reached the nest for food and was crying because there was no food left. Lastly with him now flying he was now out of reach. Thank you A for all your help.
Not a great first couple of flights for the youngest but we hope that he is ok tomorrow.