The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red Tailed Hawk vs Kestrel + eyas born April 24, 2010

Lots of excitement on the nest today. Carol and I went to visit it this morning and were treated to a flying display of Red-Tailed Hawk being chased by an male American Kestrel. The Kestrel was even attacking the nest. At one point 2 kestrels were chasing the male red-tailed hawk.

Once the chase was over we were treated to the female Red-Tailed hawk doing the dipping and feeding of at least one young. She would get up every 1/2 hour and do this dipping into the nest.

Later the 2 changed spots on the nest and the female soared around the building and finally landed on the government building.