The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saw one fledgling soaring above the building today July 28, 2009

Peregrine Falcon

What a beautiful sight it was - one of the young red tail hawks soaring high above the building. Heard the young red tail but I couldn't find him then all of a sudden he flew out of the trees and soared above on the buildings. He looks really good. He landed on the building and was running on the ledge. He then flew higher up to the top. By the way a peregrine falcon flew by the building also.

I had had a couple of email that people had heard him but no sightings.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Occassional Sightings of Red Tails July 25, 2009

Spend a couple of hours looking today but I know they will not be back at the nest area - there are birds in the trees and 24 geese under the trees. They are feeling safe enough to come back.
As you can see people are hearing and seeing them. They are around but just not as visible as before.
Here are emails of sighting over the last couple of days.
From Adrian: Thursday July 23, 2009Fred (the youngest fledgling) just flew by screeching his head off. He went over the upper parking lot but I don't know where he went to. He was flying low but steadily. No gliding
Fred flew low over us again and was very vocal. I am looking for him, but can't go far
From Adrian: Friday July 24, 2009I'm in front of the building (opposite the mall) and can hear Fred calling out. Sounds a long way away, maybe over in the direction of the Y.
From Bob: Friday July 24, 2009
I was getting off the 401 today by the Best Buy and Wal Mart and my wife saw two red tails, looking down on the field to the east as one was on a light post and the other near by on an overhead highway sign. We thought it must be the parents hunting.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No sign of any red tails - I miss them July 23, 2009

Well I knew the time would come but I honestly hoped not so soon. I spend the good part of 2 hours looking for a sign of any of the 5 red tails and it really seems they have moved to another location. I have been told the youngest fledgling has been seen by the nest but only for a short spells. I also looked all over for him with no luck.

I will continue over the weekend looking for them.

The good news was I found in my search a Cooper Hawk family - a female with 2 young. They are very close to where the Red tail family lived. In fact they live in the woods where the young were going to play. I am sure that is why they have moved elsewhere.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Adult and One Fledgling seen today July 22, 2009

Report from Adrian:
saw an adult hawk flying around over the square in front of the building. Heard a baby once but otherwise, it has been quiet.
The older 2 fledglings have definitely moved to a new location - the youngest fledgling is still hanging around a bit.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The fledglings have moved to a new location - so far I have not found them July 21, 2009

Cooper Hawk

Arrived today to look for the red tail fledgling to find the area empty of hawks and no sounds. Wandered around with no luck. The security guard told me he saw all three playing early (6:30am) this morning by the nest and then they flew away. As I was leaving I saw the youngest fledgling perched on the hydro pole by the main road. He flew across the main road and disappeared south by Ellesmere. I decided to have a look for them - drove around with the windows open and looked on the house tops and trees but no luck. Just as I gave up I did see a hawk - I got excited - but it was not the babies it was a beautiful female Cooper Hawk with a fresh kill in her talons. I will attach a photo of her.

I hope to find the new location of the red tails and plan on taking a drive around the area soon but I am thrilled to see they have grown up and are moving on. The area where they have gone is a quiet neighbourhood with less danger than the nest. I will miss seeing them and hearing them daily but what a thrill it has been.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fledglings moving farther from the Nest July 20, 2009

Stopped in at the nest today and only saw the youngest fledgling. He was sitting in the tree just relaxing. Lots of left over lunch feathers below him. According to Adrian he had been flying around earlier. The other 2 were seen flying south across Ellesmere Road so they are moving further and further from the nest. I was told by Colin to enjoy my time with them as they will continue to expand their territory and it seems they have already started to do this.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Report from Bob and his wife July 18, 2009

Report by Bob:
Visited the hawks today for a couple of hours.

Very active, flying and perching everywhere. It was so active we were having a hard time keeping them straight. My wife thought all 5 were in and around the vicinity. They were on the crane, the new condo balconies and even the top floor balcony of the building across from the YMCA. One of the eyas was crying out constantly and that's when the parents came in about 10 minutes after. The two bigger eyas
were hanging out together most of the time. It was great seeing them buzzing all around.

Thanks for the report Bob. It may be a few more days before I can go again. Ann

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Red tailed hawks fledgling doing well July 16, 2009

The second fledgling was nearby - love the angle of the head

All 3 were flying low today. When I arrived on the road the first thing I had to do was duck as one was chasing the other (the lead fledgling had food in his talon). When I looked to the right the 3rd one was coming in looking for food as well. I could hear them grunting for their share as i walked across the street.
They look really great and are flying all over the parking lots, wooded lot and buildings. Saw one adult flying around the building as well. Also saw the remains of lunch under the tree by the nest.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fledgling Soaring and screams like an adult Cool July 15, 2009

Soaring and screaming like the adults

Mmmmmmmm any mice in here

What a beautiful bird

Today I stopped in for a very short time. Saw all 3 fledgling as they flew all over the place. They were definitely hunting (poorly) but trying to catch squirrels. At one point a gull went by with food in his mouth and the 2 oldest fledgling took off and chased him for the food. Man did the gull take off into the woods fast. Only one fledgling came back and no sign of the gull (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm). The other fledgling was flying around and soaring then all of a sudden I heard that red-tail call I love (if you have never heard it go on the right side of my blog and double click COOL THINGS ABOUT THE RED TAIL HAWK and listen to the call). It was so amazing and cool at the same time. The babies are growing up.

photos to be posted later

Fledgling Talon Touching in the sky July 15, 2009

Adult with full crop and bringing food into the nest

Fledgling playing on the ground

When I arrived yesterday I had just missed the excitement. Daniel told me that two the fledgling were playing in the air and grabbing each others talons. I have seen this with Peregrine Falcons but not with Red-Tail Hawks. Daniel was really excited about it and I wished I had seen it. What I saw was 3 fledgling screaming for food. lol. Two were in the nest and one in the tree below. I looked for the female and saw both adults on the crane in the construction site - then takeoff here they come both with food in their talons. The male landed in the nest first and then left - then came the female. The one female fledgling took over the food, mantled it and the other 2 watched. It looked like a pigeon so hopefully all 3 will eat. Wait the adults come in with more food and drop it on the ground - looks like two rats. Guess who leaves her food and go to grab both of them and takes them to the nest - Yup the female fledgling and again the other 2 are watching. (Pretty soon the one female will be too big to fly lol) I had to meet someone and when I returned 45 min later all 3 were quiet so I hope that means they all ate something.
A hawk friend told me - if they are not getting enough food they would not be able to fly and all 3 are flying really well.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fly baby Fly - Fledglings flying all over the sky July 13, 2009 (double click to enlarge photos)

All 3 fledgling flying - wanted to give you all the different angles - enjoy

Arrived at the nest to see the 3 fledgling soaring around the building. Beautiful sight.
The adult arrived with food and 2 fledgling were able to get something and of course one didn't - he cried for food up in the nest and then finally layed down up there. I do worry that the youngest is getting enough food. But the flying on all three looks good.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Female to the nest but no fledglings there - July 12 2009

Youngest fledgling resting

Adult with food

Met with Bernie and Florence in the afternoon to see the fledgling and no sign of them. The female came into the nest with a rat and sat there. No cries no sign of the the fledgling. The female flew off into the woods. We went for a walk and finally heard some crying and Florence saw 2 of them hiding in the woods. We did not want to bother them as one was eating and the other was resting on a branch so we just kept walking. Saw one more on the path and he was out in the open. Again we did not want to bother them so we enjoyed the look and left. I did try to take a photo but it was too dark. Later one eventually flew toward the building and landed on the roof - layed down and rested. A adult flew behind him.
For a long time there were only a couple people at work who watched the hawks and made sure they were safe and sound. Now that they are in the open people are starting to go into the area and look for them. I can understand this as they want photos of something wonderful and beautiful. Unfortunately it is driving them away. Even with them flying deep into the woods people today went deep into the woods to try and find them. The safety and well being of the hawks must come first. The hawks will always come out in the open at another time for photos. Please respect them and let them be. If they go into the woods - chances are they are eating (which they were today) or need privacy. Look from a distance do not go into their space.

I will continue to monitor the nest daily as I have since the first day back in march.

Soaring Fledglings today July 12, 2009

2 fledgling soaring for the first time

Enjoying the day

Fledgling flight shots

This morning I was joined by Jim B at the nest. We were treated to some high flying by all three fledgling as well as some nice close ups. For the very first time 2 of the young red tails were soaring around the SCC. They would flap 2 times then soar. First one did it then soared to the woods then the second one followed. Amazing. The third one watched. There was a lot of crying going on and I though perhaps we may be lucky to see food brought in but no luck. Great to meet you Jim.

Photos to follow later tonight.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amazing Experience - report and photos by Chris McConnell July 11, 2009

Photos by Chris McConnell

Chris and I try to see who can take the best poop shots where ever we go. Chris calls it the Pooperazzi Shots!

I went down to visit Ann's red tail family and saw all three fledges (heard them long before I saw them!). One was in the nest eating, with a sibling on the next branch watching, and the third was busy moving from perch to perch practicing his hunting skills. I took some shots, then went toward the parking lot and sat under a small tree to watch him. A few minutes later he took flight, and I knew that he had flown close by. I thought he may have even landed at the top of MY tree...little did I know he'd not only flown into my tree but he was under it with me, on a branch about 7 feet above my head! I was as startled as he was. We spent about 15 minutes together, most of the time with him looking at me and tilting his head, wondering if he should fear me or hunt me. They are so inquisitive and naive at this age! Oh, one other really cute thing he did was, he kept looking at the trunk which was about 2 feet away from him. He would watch something, a bug I assume, and slowly open his mouth really wide and lean forward a few inches (not nearly close enough to eat it), and look like he was stretched as far as he could trying to reach it and would start to chew, as if to say "I so wish I could eat you!". It was in slow motion, and he did it a few times - it was adorable. Due to the heavy shade I didn't end up with as many shots as I'd hoped but it was great to spend some up close and personal time with such a regal, stunning creature.

Thanks Chris stunning shots.

Storm passed through all three red tail fledglings ok July 11, 2009

Keeping an eye on the squirrel and taking a scratch

Drying out

Youngest fledgling

Groundhog comes up between all three fledglings

Stopped by the nest after the storm and all 3 fledglings are fine. The one was in from the building with wings outstretched drying out. She was being harassed by a robin who has a nest nearby. It was dive bombing the fledgling. The other 2 were in the trees sitting in the sun.
Watched them for a bit and one of the sisters was very interested in a squirrel passing under the tree. I was sure the oldest was going to go after it but it just kept a very close eye on it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mantling over the food - Oldest fledgling takes charge July 9, 2009

Mantling to protect her food

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lunch

Today I saw the oldest fledgling take charge of the food and show the other 2 who is in charge. The fledgling (a female) mantled the food and would not allow either brother or sister near the food. She ate 95% of the pigeon herself. The second oldest fledgling tried to come in for food and she mantled it again and started to run on the ground carrying the food. Finally near the end she allowed her sister to come near and have a bit of the food. (NOTE: all of this was taking place on the ground). The youngest fledgling did not even try to come near the food - sat in the tree and watched what was going on. Did some crying but did not go near the food.

Before I arrived the 2 adults had arrived and dropped off food. Apparently the oldest fledgling then flew into the woods across the street with the food and the other 2 fledgling chased her. According to the people watching they made quite the noise and it was quite the chase. I had no trouble finding them. I could hear them across the street. lol.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Red Tail Hawks - Male bringing in Food for fledgling today - Female flying around also July 8, 2009 (double click to enlarge photo)

Female Red Tail Hawk

Male Bringing in the food to the Nest

Youngest Fledgling flying out of the nest

Fledgling eating

It was really wonderful to see the male red-tail hawk drop off food in the nest today (small bird) and the female red tail hawk was soaring around the nest as well. She landed on a light stand and then flew over top of me.
The youngest fledgling was crying on a branch today - flew into the nest grabbed the food then took it back to the branch. He then dropped it on the ground. Waited for 2 hours hoping he would eat it. No luck. Later he did go back and pick it up and eat.
The other 2 fledgling were hanging around as well.
So all is well at the red tail nest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 Fledglings Crying for Mom - She was high on the construction site July 7, 2009

Youngest and oldest fledgling - Have you seen mom

2 older fledgling playing on the branch - you can just see the twig in the ones mouth

Stopped in for a while today and saw all 3 fledglings. All 3 fledglings were in a tree and underneath them were 2 ground hogs (mom and a baby). Now that is a sight you don't see often. The youngest looks good and the other two were playing as usual. Just before I left the youngest flew to a tree by the building and one the older fledgling joined him. They were crying and crying into the sky and sure enough I looked up and there was the female high on the building top. Amazing.
One of the fledgling was also breaking branches today and carrying them when flying. Very cool - just like mom.