The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinner was served. A nice juicy Rat June 29, 2009

Report from fellow birder Adrian who stopped in for me while I was away.
June 30, 2009
Late this afternoon, one of the eyas flew around among the trees close to the nest and perched on low branches, seemingly unafraid of people. He was mesmerized by a squirrel on a nearby branch and stared at it, cocking his head from side to side.

At one point he/she flew over the road that leads into the TDSB parking garage and landed on the low concrete wall beside the wide staicase into the building. We were 10 feet from him. Then he moved to a low branch of the tree just beside that concrete wall- again, we were incredibly close.

This time he saw a small bird flitting around and stared intently at it, cocking his head from side to side again.

It seemed to me that the eyas we were observing so closely might have had a sense that both the squirrel and bird looked tasty but just didn't know the next steps.

They're the sweetest babies and it has been a great priviledge to spend time with them

June 29, 2009
It has been raining heavily and all three eyas are perched on branches near the top of their tree and are soaking wet.

One of their parents drop a rat into the nest early this morning. They were very vocal. I saw at least 2 of them flying.

They are safe and sound.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday June 28, 2009 Photo by Graham Trope

Graham took this photo of one of the eyas. Beautiful shot. Well done.

Eyas flying all over - One still in Nest June 29, 2009

One of the 3 beautiful eyas

One of the few shots of the eyas flying

Female flying around the far building - they still have the lights on 24-7 - a couple of scary moments when she looked like she was going into the window.!!!#$%

Arrived in the morning to check out the red-tails. Graham also came to see them. The one eyas is still in the nest (It is much to comfortable in there) and the female on the same balcony on the construction site. No action for some time.
Graham found the 2nd eyas on a tree by the parking lot and then as we were walking back to see the one in the tree there in front of us was the 3rd eyas right in front of our eyes. They all look great. By 10:15 it was pouring rain and we both left. Hopefully Graham will send a couple of shots of the 2nd eyas.

Photos to come later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One eyas still not flying - Female trying her best to encourage her June 27, 2009


Female with Branch - Notice the 2 house finch on either side of her!!!!!!!!!!!

Female on light stand

Female on her usual post - the construction site

This is weird - I was watching the one who has not flown and another eyas flies by (I know it is out of focus but I thought it was cool)

eyas just flies in

Eyas who has not flown yet

A beautiful day today. No other people at the nest this morning but me. Very quiet. Arrived with my coffee at 9am. There were 2 in the nest, female on the construction site very low and one out on the town. Almost immediately one eyas flew to the woods. The female flew down on the light stand very quickly then to the nearby tree broke a branch and into the nest trying to get the last one into the air. Again I am amazed by the behaviour where she tried to get them to fly - into the nest to the closest tree - back and forth 2 times. She then sat there for 1 hour while the one eyas cried continuously. Flapping and wanting to go but never did. While watching this the 3rd eyas arrived from behind me on the parking lot. He landed in another tree and just bounced around and around and finally back to the nest. Stayed for an hour then left.
When I left - 2 eyas in the nest, 1 still in the wood - visible, female back in the same spot on the construction site and no sign of the male.
Photos to follow later

Friday, June 26, 2009

Male brings home dinner, Female on the construction site, all three on nest June 26, 2009 (double click photos to enlarge)

Scary face. All three were crying when I arrived. Food Food.

Male bringing in a small supper. He is beautiful

The two mischief maker. They are constantly biting each other

All three in the nest. 2 on the branch, tail in the nest

Carol and I went to visit the nest tonight at 6pm. Was hoping Carol would see at least one flying and she was not disappointed.
On arrival all three were in the nest. Female was on the construction site baloney watching over the eyas. One eyas decided to fly across to the woods. Had a tough landing but was fine. Other two stayed in the nest. When we went over to look at the eyas in the woods Carol noticed a hawk on the light stand. I walked under it (as we were facing directly in the sun) to see the male red tail with dinner in his talons. He flew into the nest dropped off the package and flew off to the east.
We walked past the eyas in the woods and could hear him crying but he was sitting safely on a branch.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eyas flying back and forth to woods (2 of them) 3rd not ready yet. June 25, 2009

2 on the nest. One watching the other preen

First eyas to fly back and forth while I was there

2nd eyas taking flight across to the woods. Still there when I left.

Report from Rob N by the nest:
Hi, saw your exciting update from yesterday, now, 1.30pm all 3 chicks are hanging out by the nest, all 3 out on branches looking cooled off after the storm blew through.
Report from Adrian who stopped in:
I believe the three young ones are back in the nest and either Mum or Dad is perched up on the building, hunting perhaps.

Thank you both for the updates. I hope to pop in later to see what The Three Musketeers are up too.
Just got back from the nest and the eyas surprised me. I arrived and they were away to the races. One flew back and forth to the woods. The second one took off and had a pretty shaky landing but then got a good perch. The third one stayed in the nest. The female was calling and flying overhead.
The flying skills are getting good - especially the first one who took off. I took some shots but it was right in the sun so we wills see if they turn out.
Photos are not great today. The sun was shining right where they were flying and also landing. Sorry.
Really pleased to see them so active considering how noisy it is there. By the way they are flying to the same location each time and then right back to one of the trees by the nest.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fledged - 2 eyas have done it. Last one almost ready June 24, 2009

Fledged Eyas who made one flight to the woods - Probably staying the night there

Eyas still in the nest - Branching

Fledged Eyas - Went to the woods and returned to the nest

What a great evening I had. Arrived at 6:45pm to see only one eyas in the nest. checked the ground no sign of any red-tailed hawks -good sign. No sounds anywhere hmmmmmmmmmmmmm where are you.
Saw the last one in the nest on a branch flapping away - great sign as he has been very slow at doing this. Then while I was taking some shots 3 kids asked me what was that in the tree across the road. Grabbed the binoculars and there is one of the eyas. Bingo. Head over and he is sitting in the tree bouncing up and down trying to figure out how to get back to the nest. (photos to follow later -over 200 to look at)
While I am taking shots of the 2nd one and then on the phone with Carol to tell her the good news - the 3rd eyas flies by me from the other side of the intersection. Hurray all 3 accounted for and 2 fledged. The 3rd eyas lands in the tree across from the nest and sits contently for 1/2 hour. While I take a couple of shot of him the mother comes flying in and lands with the 2nd eyas.
Man I wish I had a second person there tonight helping me. My eyes were bugging out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The female was sitting with the 2nd eyas (I am sure trying to get it to fly back to the nest) the female then flies directly to the light post. 2nd eyas starts to cry so loud and tries to fly and gets tangled in the branches. That's it he sits down.
Meanwhile the 1st one who hasn't left the nest gets his talons caught in the pine cones and is jumping up and down and can't get loose. This goes on for 1/2 hour (I call Chris and say ever heard of this and well she just laughs). Anyway he does get loose by biting on the branches and pinecones and does a victory dance and jumps in the nest. thats all folks I am going home.
It is 8:30 second one still on the branch across the street - other 2 in the nest.

So a summary:
One still in the nest but branched and practice his flapping
Second one 2 successful flights away and back to the nest
Third one 1 successful flights away from nest and sleeping in the woods tonight.

Photos to follow

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still on the nest - Humid and too much noise below the nest June 23, 2009

Stopped in at the nest today with Jen. The noise from below is very loud. Only one of the 3 eyas was out on the branch - the other 2 were in the nest. (In the past weeks the 2 eyas have been really active and 1 always hiding in the nest) You have cars honking and lots of activity right below the nest. (Strike activity) I don't know if this is affecting the hawks but they are less active. Where normally in the late day they are flapping and jumping on the branches they just sit there looking around. Also I have not seen the parents coming into the nest during the day. I am sure that the male and female arrive as soon as all the people leave at 7pm. I guess time will tell.

Monday, June 22, 2009

3 still on the nest - female watching closely June 22, 2009 (double click to enlarge photos)

He does want to fledge someday

How proud and majestic he looks

I stopped in tonight with Jen H to see if anyone had decided to fledge at the nest and all three were there. They were actually very quiet - 2 on the branch and 1 in the nest. The female was on the construction site still. I think these eyass really like the nest and the scenery. The groundhog was even looking out of its hole. Will post some photos later.
I am surprised they have not fledged - they have been so active.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

All on the nest this morning June 21, 2009

Stopped in this morning with Carol, Graham, Janefer and Victor. All 3 eyas were on the nest and the male and female were flying around the nest. The male landed in the nest for a short stay. Due to my dog being ill at home I couldn't stay today (unfortunately Rocky my beagle had to be put down this afternoon) so I don't know whether any of the hawks fledged. I will try and pop in tomorrow and have a look.
If any one else stopped in and saw anything please let us know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eyas still on nest this morning - Rain may keep them there. June 20, 2009

Popped in for a quick visit. All three were on the branches flapping away. Rain was coming down. Talked to Colin and he doesn't think they will fledge in the rain. Possibly tomorrow.
Bob and his wife were there at lunch time. All three were hunkered down at first then the 2 were on the branch flapping away.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight Eyass have not fledged yet June 19, 2009 (double click to enlarge photos)

Look at the wingspan

Talons are now right off the branch

Female was going back and forth with branch in his beak

Just got in and the eyass have not fledged yet. The eyass are very busy jumping and flying from branch to branch. The 3rd one you hardly see - seems tucked in the nest.
Tonight the female arrived on the nest with a branch in her mouth. She then flew to a tree beside the nest. She went back and forth 4 times. Then she started to call the eyass. I was sure one was going to go but no luck. She then left and sat on the construction site till 7pm.
Photos to follow. Was joined by Bob after work and Bernie and Florence later.

Red Tail Babies are ready to go - The Question is what day June 19 2009

All shots are of the 2 eyas. The 3rd one did not venture very far from the nest.
small flight between branches

Looking below


Today when I arrived at work I was sure one eyas was going to fly today. He was flying from branch to branch - not jumping but flying. The second one was flapping like mad on him branch and then jumping in the nest. The 3rd was still sitting mostly in the nest. I would not be surprised that one is gone by tomorrow.
Weather overcast.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another wet day for the eyas June 18, 2009

Look at the beautiful tail feathers on the eyas

The countdown is on and I know only a few days left to see the eyas on the nest. I was working downtown all day but stopped on my way to a meeting in Scarborough to see them. Jack said they were very wet red-tails all day. When I got there they were sitting on the branches all 3 preening themselves. The colouring on the back of the eyas is beautiful. Look carefully at the colour of the tail - and go back to a few weeks ago when the tail feathers were just little specks. Amazing birds.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red tail talking on the nest - then a rainy rainy day June 17, 2009 (double click the photo to enlarge)

I'm telling you this nest is too small for the 3 of us - time to escape

Fly baby fly.

This morning it was an overcast day and terrible for taking photos. At my break I looked out the 5th floor window to see all 3 eyas huddled together facing each one another. I am sure they were plotting their escape from the nest lol. I went and grabbed my camera to take a photo since I know it will be one of the last times I see the 3 together. At lunch I also saw the 3 practicing their flying skills on the nest.
When it was time to leave and the rain was coming down steady the 3 of them looked really quite sad. They again were huddled together - as one eyas had his wings up (like the parent did when they were little)trying to cover up the other eyas. It is suppose to rain for the next few days so they will be miserable for a couple of days.