The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Female to the nest but no fledglings there - July 12 2009

Youngest fledgling resting

Adult with food

Met with Bernie and Florence in the afternoon to see the fledgling and no sign of them. The female came into the nest with a rat and sat there. No cries no sign of the the fledgling. The female flew off into the woods. We went for a walk and finally heard some crying and Florence saw 2 of them hiding in the woods. We did not want to bother them as one was eating and the other was resting on a branch so we just kept walking. Saw one more on the path and he was out in the open. Again we did not want to bother them so we enjoyed the look and left. I did try to take a photo but it was too dark. Later one eventually flew toward the building and landed on the roof - layed down and rested. A adult flew behind him.
For a long time there were only a couple people at work who watched the hawks and made sure they were safe and sound. Now that they are in the open people are starting to go into the area and look for them. I can understand this as they want photos of something wonderful and beautiful. Unfortunately it is driving them away. Even with them flying deep into the woods people today went deep into the woods to try and find them. The safety and well being of the hawks must come first. The hawks will always come out in the open at another time for photos. Please respect them and let them be. If they go into the woods - chances are they are eating (which they were today) or need privacy. Look from a distance do not go into their space.

I will continue to monitor the nest daily as I have since the first day back in march.

Soaring Fledglings today July 12, 2009

2 fledgling soaring for the first time

Enjoying the day

Fledgling flight shots

This morning I was joined by Jim B at the nest. We were treated to some high flying by all three fledgling as well as some nice close ups. For the very first time 2 of the young red tails were soaring around the SCC. They would flap 2 times then soar. First one did it then soared to the woods then the second one followed. Amazing. The third one watched. There was a lot of crying going on and I though perhaps we may be lucky to see food brought in but no luck. Great to meet you Jim.

Photos to follow later tonight.