The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red-Tail Hawk Bringing Dinner Home to Family May 31, 2009

Male Bringing home Supper in Talons

2 adults sitting on Balcony

Eyas having supper

Baby practing flying

Turkey Vulture

It was a great day at the nest.
I met Graham this morning and the eyas were seen,the female was on the nest. It was very windy and I am sure that is why she did not leave the nest.
In the afternoon lots of activity. The male and female red-tail hawk were flying all over the place, from crane to building, to nest to chasing off a kestrel. I finally got a shot of the male bringing dinner home to the young and actually feeding the young. A Turkey Vulture went over the nest today - no sign of male or female when this happened. He went directly overhead.
Leslie, Mike, Frank and Dan came to check out the site and saw the adults flying around. One very scary part of the female was at the far building beyond the construction site and twice looked like she wanted to fly into the window - she was not hurt (she was sitting on the ledge around the corner and she must have seen her reflection). I will pop over to the building tomorrow and just make sure they are turning off the lights and let them know what happened. I am hoping they will put up newspaper on the windows by the ledge and balcony. I have never seen the red tails around this building before but it does seem to be their new area - lots of trees right beside the building. I have one shot with both male and female on the balcony of the building. The gang did get to see the eyas.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Male and Female soaring in the sky together today May 29, 2009

Arrived at the office at 11:30 to have the 2 adult hawks circling above me. They soared around and around for some time and then disappeared. Had a look to see the babies and only got a good look at 2 of them. Third one was probably lower down. Nice to see the sun out for the hawks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain and more Rain - Female drying herself out and saw all three eyas on Nest Feeding May 27, 2009

On top of the tree

Drying out her wings

Drying out her wings again

One young red-tail hawk

Three eyas on nest

Rainy day today. Female was on the nest most of the day. When it stopped raining she would leave and dry out. In the photos you will see her with her wings open letting them air dry. The eyas were all up on the nest at one time. No photos as it was a dull day for this. Still difficult to take photos of them from the ground.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Female Red-Tail Flying and One Photo of Eyas May 25, 2009

Female landing on Elevator

Enjoying the day

One Eyas with Female

Today I noticed that the female red-tail hawk is spending less and less time on the nest. She feeds the eyas and then will fly off. She is also staying away from the nest for longer periods of time (or I am just missing her on the nest). Also she is going further from the area. She is traveling to building in the distance not just the construction site next door.
The one eyas was sitting in the sun today. I can see usually 2 easily but seeing the 3 is tricky. Just a couple shots.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photos of Red-Tail Babies and Adults May 24 2009 (double click photos to enlarge)

Last shot of the Female Red-Tail (Into the Night)

Bath Time

Bath Time

My view as the Red-Tail Flies right towards me

Female with nesting material

Female feeding young on the nest

Today was amazing with spotting the 3rd eyas. Bernie, Florence and I were also treated to the female giving us a nice flying lesson. She soared around us landing on the elevator (her favourite perch), then went to the penthouse suite, to the top of the crane and the for a bath. At the end of the bath she flew straight towards me and I had to duck. Yes she was that low (very scary when you know on a regular day there are cars and trucks everywhere). She then landed on the tree - tore off some twigs and took them back to the nest. No sign of the male red-tail (told Bernie he was having a nap on the back of the condo). He only comes running when the female screams. Here are a couple of shots from today.a

3 Babies - not 2 - See photo more details later May 24, 2009

Went to the nest today with Bernie and Florence and much to our surpise we saw 3 little heads up today. See photo. Lots to tell and will post more photos later.


Photos of Male and Female Red-Tail Hawk May 23, 2009

Male bring in the food

Female sitting on the elevator shaft at the construction site

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Red-Tail Hawk Practice Flapping its wings May 23 2009

A fantastic day at the nest today. My friend from Innifil was down and just shortly after we arrived we heard the male red- tail arrive at the nest. The female had been feeding the eyas just prior to his arrival. The male flew into the nest and then gave us a great show soaring around and around for a good 10 minutes. It was shortly after that the eyas tried to flap their wings.
Later the female left and the eyas were very active in the nest looking up and down over the side, practicing their flapping of the wings. The female was on her look out spot on the elevator shaft on the construction site. She took off and flew a short distance and then returned to the elevator.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby - Female Flying shots May 22 2009 (remember to double click photo to enlarge them)

Female out and soaring around the nest

Landing on the elevator at the construction site

One Eyas watching mom soar around the nest

Today I finally saw the baby outside. The eyas was flapping it's wings and popping up and down. Also the female was soaring outside in the sun. Beautiful afternoon and she was out enjoying it. For the last week I have not seen the male once. I will not worry as he is probably showing up when I am not there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures of Eyas - From the 5th Floor Window May 21, 2009

Took a couple of photos today from the 5th floor window at work. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a couple of shots outside. She was feeding the 2 eyas and they were out in the sun. Jack saw them yesterday and they were also starting to flap their wings.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Female Feeding every 1/2 hour on the nest today May 17, 2009

Stopped in with Carol and Walter to see what was going on at the nest today. Watched the female feed the babies two times - she was having a tough time standing on the nest again today with the wind.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Female Red -Tail Hawk still bring in Nesting Material May 16, 2009

With the babies already over 2 weeks old the female is still bringing in new sticks and nesting materials. Today when I arrived she was busy feeding the young and then quickly flew off and came back in with some small twigs. Once she had placed them she settled in for a rest. No sign of the male red-tail hawk today. Today is a dull, rainy day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bath time Female Red Tail Nice Close up Shots May 15 2009

On my way to a meeting with my boss when the female red-tail flew out of the nest and flew over my car. It landed right beside the stop sign where I was. I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of shots. I turned around and then saw the female was taking a bath in the running water at the construction site. Told my manager I would be right back. Took a couple of shots and then we rushed off to our meeting.
Also saw from the 5th floor window the top of the babies head while mom was feeding it. You can see the fuzzy white head beside hers. The photos is terrible as the sun was shining right at me and the window doesn't help. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flies and Winds are bothering Female Red Tail May 14, 2009

The high winds were making it hard on the female red tail when she was standing on the side of the nest today trying to feed the young. You could see her losing her balance. Also noticed that she was being bothered by the flies around the nest. You can see clouds of them around the park when you go for a walk. Still no little head sticking up over the nest and the female is dipping her head deep in the nest to feed. WE keep hoping to catch sight of them every day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nest is a busy place all day long May 13, 2009

When I arrived at work the nest was a busy place. The male was bringing in food, the female was feeding the young. Still no sign of the young as the nest sides are quite high. I can hear the yount quite clearly and see signs of movement but they are not sticking their heads up. It is great to see both male and female so active on the nest. I am sure neither one is getting any rest any more.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More fun on the red-tail nest May 11, 2009

Just as I was leaving work I saw both red-tailed hawks out of the nest. The one was just soaring around enjoying the day. The other was sitting on top of the elevator shaft on the construction site. The female dived off the elevator site and did her high speed descend towards the nest but NO it was toward a small bird in the air. She got it with her talons then went to the nest. She then immediately started to feed the eyas. WOW talk about amazing. The male had something in his beak (obviously for the nest) and was flying around the air with it. He finally went into the nest with it. See the attached photos. Again more wonderful memories of red-tail nest.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Male Red-Tail Brought in Dinner screaming May 10, 2009

Stopped in with Carol L today to see how things were at the nest. We were treated to see mom sitting on the nest. Shortly after we saw and heard the male flying in with his talons filled with food. You could hear him doing the red-tail call quite some distance away (hey ma I brought home the bacon). He landed with his food, dropped it off and then returned to his balcony on the construction site. The female immediately started to feed the young. We should see head above the nest edge within a couple of days.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Nest shows signs of more and more activity May 8, 2009

Coming into the nest

Taking a break

Feeding the young

On arrival at work today I could see signs that the female is needing to feed the young more and more often. She is standing on the side of the nest feeding at least once an hour during the day time. At lunch I saw her fly off the nest. She flew around our building and was joined by the male who then again disappeared. The female went hunting on the apartment building (I saw the pigeons fly off the building quickly). She then flew to the construction site and sat on top of the elevator lift for the while. The most exciting time was when she quickly flew from the top of the building lift to the nest. A matter of seconds, feet first wings tucked in and right on the nest. Very very cool. Later in the afternoon we saw from the 5th floor -she was standing on the nest tearing apart some food and again feeding the eyas and also herself. We all can't wait to see the babies.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Red-Tail Hawks at least 2 babies Eyas May 7, 2009

Feeding the young

Trouble standing on the edge of nest
Today there was a lot of excitement on the nest. Started off very worried because no one had seen the male red-tail hawk for a long time. Finally at lunch I went down stair with my binoculars and just stood there to watch. The female was leaning against the tree having just fed the young ones. She then flew off the nest - she was very restless. (Earlier she had been jumping from branch to branch). Now she flew off to the construction site and around the building. I asked a couple of guys who work outside if they had seen the two hawks and they said no. All of a sudden from behind the huge building cranes one hawk comes flying and then the guys yells here comes another. The female lands and starts screaming. The males lands and she is screaming at him. This goes on and on and on. (I have seen this behaviour with the two of them before). The female flies off and so does the male. The female chases after the male and they both go back to the nest and again she starts to scream at him. This is not your normal red-tail sounds. The female takes off again - she flies south. The male settles down on the nest for a very short time. Off to my right I see the female being chased by a crow. She loses him. The male having done is duty for a good 5 minutes takes off to the construction site and is gone again. lol. Within 15 minutes the female returns (with no food) and settles on the young. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Now there was some great flying and some great red-tail screaming and can you believe it I did not have my camera as they said rain all day. Here it was a beautiful sunny day. I enjoyed it all but I have to say the male is one lazy red-tail. The female has her work cut out with him.
On my way out to a program I saw an amazing site. The female was feeding the young. Yes I saw two little white head lift up to get the food. The sun was shinning really bright so who knows there may be more but there are at least two eyas. She was doing the feeding for a good 15 minutes then settled down again.
After work I went home to grab my camera hoping to get a shot of the babies but the sky was too dark. The female was feeding the young and her head was bobbing in two directions which confirms at least two babies. I did notice the female was having a hard time standing on the edge of the nest. In one photo you will see her with one leg in the air. This happened a few times. Within a few days we will be able to see the babies easier.
Fun on the red-tail nest.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Female Busy Feeding and Caring for young - Where is Male May 6, 2009

The female is busy getting up a feeding the young (we don't know how many she has) on a regular basis. She is also doing a lot of preening of her breast feathers. No one has seen the male red-tail since last week. We hope he is coming early in the morning when no one is at work or late at night!!!!
Took these shots just as I was leaving. Had to shoot right into the sun.