The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red-Tail Hawk Bringing Dinner Home to Family May 31, 2009

Male Bringing home Supper in Talons

2 adults sitting on Balcony

Eyas having supper

Baby practing flying

Turkey Vulture

It was a great day at the nest.
I met Graham this morning and the eyas were seen,the female was on the nest. It was very windy and I am sure that is why she did not leave the nest.
In the afternoon lots of activity. The male and female red-tail hawk were flying all over the place, from crane to building, to nest to chasing off a kestrel. I finally got a shot of the male bringing dinner home to the young and actually feeding the young. A Turkey Vulture went over the nest today - no sign of male or female when this happened. He went directly overhead.
Leslie, Mike, Frank and Dan came to check out the site and saw the adults flying around. One very scary part of the female was at the far building beyond the construction site and twice looked like she wanted to fly into the window - she was not hurt (she was sitting on the ledge around the corner and she must have seen her reflection). I will pop over to the building tomorrow and just make sure they are turning off the lights and let them know what happened. I am hoping they will put up newspaper on the windows by the ledge and balcony. I have never seen the red tails around this building before but it does seem to be their new area - lots of trees right beside the building. I have one shot with both male and female on the balcony of the building. The gang did get to see the eyas.

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