The Red-tailed Hawk family has succeed in having two eyas. Very hard to see them but I can hear them and see them flapping around high in the nest.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No sign of any red tails - I miss them July 23, 2009

Well I knew the time would come but I honestly hoped not so soon. I spend the good part of 2 hours looking for a sign of any of the 5 red tails and it really seems they have moved to another location. I have been told the youngest fledgling has been seen by the nest but only for a short spells. I also looked all over for him with no luck.

I will continue over the weekend looking for them.

The good news was I found in my search a Cooper Hawk family - a female with 2 young. They are very close to where the Red tail family lived. In fact they live in the woods where the young were going to play. I am sure that is why they have moved elsewhere.

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